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McCain: What A Fox!

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Have I ever mentioned that this is not a political blog? And that I’m not a political junkie, not really. And that I never, absolutely never blog twice on the same day?


But who can let this latest move by the Republicans go by without commenting?

You gotta give it to them Republicans. Choosing Governor Sarah Palin for John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate was a “high-five, no low” bid whist move. Dang!! 

I’m still picking myself up from the floor on this one.  I’m dying to hear what everyone else thinks.  Especially all those of you who blew this blog up this week this whole campaign, talking about your, um, our beloved Democratic candidate and his wife.

Shrewd. Wily. Bold. Daring. Neck-Popping. Wow, has this presidential race changed a lot in the last 24 hours!!

What was that saying again, “Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line”? 

Sarah Palin:
She’s a woman.
She’s a governor.
She’s a gun-toting woman (she hunts, y’all).
She’s a Mom (of five!!): one son heading off to war next month (she’s patriotic), and she just gave birth this past April to an infant with Down Syndrome (she’s against abortion: wink, wink)
She’s Christian.
She’s married to a Fisherman (wink, wink Labor union).
She’s Green.
She’s young (but everybody is, compared to McCain).
She a former basketball player who went by the nickname “Sarah Barracuda” for her fierce competitiveness on the court (so, don’t let that voice fool ya’)
She’s a former beauty queen (hey, these are Republicans, you know) 
Yeah, Sarah Palin’s white. But so is Joe Biden.

Again, you gotta give it to them Republicans. Let the Democrats sit around and sing “Kum Bah Ya” (while throwing Hillary Clinton off the bus). There must be someone else who don’t mind joining the ”The Sisterhood of Travellin’ Pants” and doing what it takes  to make sure this bus rolls up to the White House in January ‘09.  

Yep, the Republicans are just doing this to win. Yep, the Republicans are appealing to disaffected Clinton voters. Yep. The Republicans are playing to win. By any means necessary.