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Ha-i-ti, Ha-i-ti

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

I was at my desk writing when I heard the news about the earthquake in Haiti on yesterday. I dashed to the television and could barely endure the photos streaming in on CNN of the carnage on an island already dirt poor and left abandoned decades ago by the superpowers. With the psalmist I thought to myself: “If we forget thee O Haiti, may our right hands be cut off.  May our tongues cleave to the roof our mouths if we do not place Haiti above our highest joy.”

Special thanks to womanist colleague Pamela Lightsey, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs at Garrett Seminary in Evanston, Illinois for granting me permission to pray her prayer here on the blog today. She prayed the prayers right out of me.

A Prayer for Haiti 

O God, we have been stunned once again by an event which seems so unnatural and yet is called “natural disaster.”

We have no words to answer the “why” which we feel, no wisdom to explain away the unexplainable areas of life.

Keep us from attributing this event as a heavenly reprimand, or from a certain haughtiness that tempts the distant soul. Give us to be compassionate and gentle, servants to those in need.

Remind us of your gracious love in the midst of sorrow, and your ability to work miracles when hope is faint.

We pray for those who suffer in Haiti even now and for those who await rescue. For relatives, for the children, for mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunts and cousins. For the survivors who question what more they might have done. And for those who must keep on keeping on, in spite of.  For the leaders, for those who bring aid and those who await news. Strengthen and encourage them we pray.

Now unto you, O God, we take the burdens of this hour and place them in your divine care. For all you do and are doing, seen and unseen, we give thee thanks Eternal God of All Creation. Amen.