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Sometimes I Wish

Friday, September 14th, 2007

On Fridays I get to share with readers quotes from some of my favorite writers. I get to talk about songs, books, poetry, and movies that inspire me.

This Friday’s “Within The Quote” are lyrics from a folk hymn I heard in the women’s consciousness workshops I was attending a lot back when I was a seminarian in the 80s. From church basement gatherings to large ecumenical meetings, the provocative words to Carol Etzler’s song “Sometimes I Wish” could be heard rising to the rafters wherever women in search of new ways of talking about and imagining God met.

I went on to discover other songs and poems that spoke to other concerns I had, and eventually forgot about this one. The lyrics came back to me this week. Just about the time I was complaining about not having the time to keep up a blog and wondering what in the world possessed me to commit myself to this enterprise and fretting over all the negative things happening to black women that I was having to write about. The lyrics to this consciousness raising song floated up from some place within where it had been stored, waiting.

“Sometimes I wish I could no longer see
All of the pain and the hurt and the longing of my
Sisters and me as we try to be free.

Sometimes I wish my eyes hadn’t been opened,
Just for an hour, how sweet it would be
Not to be struggling, not to be striving,
But just sleep securely in our slavery.
But now that I’ve seen with my eyes, I can’t close them,
Because deep inside me somewhere I’d still know
The road that my sisters and I have to travel:
My heart would say, “Yes” and my feet would say “Go!”

Sometimes I wish my eyes hadn’t been opened,
But now that they have, I’m determined to see:
That somehow my sisters and I will be one day
The free people we were created to be.”

(Words and Music By Carol Etzler, 1974 published by Sisters Unlimited, RR 1 Box 1420, Bridgeport, VT 05734)