By the way, Have a Happy Mother’s Day

Here I was planning to close the week out on some sentimental note about mothering when I dropped by a blog by a woman of color that I hadn’t visited in some time and read some idiotic statement there about presidential politics, and now I can’t think straight. I didn’t intend to close the week out talking about the one subject that has me and my friends yelling in our cell phones at each other as we drive down the street in our cars. But I must.

Praise the Lord.

Let me first say: I have a rule. I don’t throw a fit on other people’s blogs. If explaining to you on your blog why I think you’re harebrained will take more than a few sentences, I won’t bother. I backed away and headed for the door when I saw that Hillary and not beauty tips (which is what the blog is supposed to be about) was the topic of the day. I know. That’s what I get for visiting a beauty blog at my age. I dropped by to get some recommendations on hair conditioner and lip gloss. Only to find folks there opining about politics and trashing Hillary Clinton for staying in the race after her loss this past Tuesday in North Carolina and her just barely won win in Indiana. The streetfighting online is intense, and the goal is clear.  Browbeat Clinton into giving up.

If the highest office you are ever likely to aspire to is the parliamentarian of your sorority, you don’t get it.  You don’t walk away empty handed this far into the game– even if the odds of your winning the nomination are now slim. A delegation comes to meet with you to persuade you to drop out. With incentives. With promises. With their checkbook in hand. You negotiate, you don’t quit with nothing to show for all your work and for all the gut punches you took  for the cause. You decide the terms of your leaving and what mark you want to leave. It’s what those with power know that others who don’t have it don’t know. Politics 101. Business school 201. Religion 301. The air is different, and the rules are different, the higher up you go. Barack who? This is between Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Should Clinton drop out? I hope she doesn’t. The game is not over. Play to the end. I hate seeing women wimp out. But that’s my opinion.

But I didn’t mean to close the week out talking about politics. I certainly didn’t mean to tick off fans of this blog who are Obama devotees.

I just had to get that off my chest. Something I can do on my own blog.

Now, where was I?

Oh yeah. Have a Happy Mother’s Day. I know I plan to do just that. Even though I should be thinking about the sermon I gotta preach. I’m going to sit out on my screen porch this weekend with my feet up, reading and nodding and sipping Kool-Aid, and watching as others grille the fish and chicken I’ve requested. Yeah, I’m bossy. What’s it to you?

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  1. Woman in Transition Says:

    You are too funny! Happy Mothers’ Day, Pastor Weems and to all the other blog sistas who come here. Have a blessed day on Sunday.

    P.S., can’t help you with the lip gloss (I abhor shiny lips, even if they are “in”), but if you’re looking for great natural hair care products, check out Carol’s Daughter (google it). That Hair Milk truly is awesome!

  2. Hagar's Daughter Says:

    “Yeah, I’m bossy. What’s it to you?”
    (Tee Hee) Kool-Aid (Tee Hee)

    I really want this democratic primary over, finished, through! In a conversation with woc co-workers (black & Latina) I made the point that HRC is too powerful a politician to just quit. Another thing I am fed up with people saying that she wouldn’t really run the White House, but Bill would instead. How sexist.

    Rev Doc Prof, Happy Mother’s Day to you too. Will your sermon get recorded?

  3. Jason Oliver Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Dr. Weems.

  4. Leslie D. Callahan Says:

    You tell it, Renita! “Parliamentarian of your sorority”! Girl, I am crying laughing. Right on! People seem to forget that HRC has 1700 pledged delegates, not an insignificant number. Yes, Obama is ahead and will likely be the nominee. (And then I’ll wear Obama buttons). But Clinton has won a lot of votes and states, too many for her simply to bow out. The truth is that the Dems are split, almost evenly between Obama and Clinton. What’s the party gonna give her? That is indeed the question.

  5. Melva Says:


    As an Obama devotee, I totally feel you on this one! While, I don’t agree with some of HRC’s political views, voting records, etc., I do feel for her as a woman who is constantly scrutinized by the media, colleagues and at times probably her husband. Leaving the race now would be like leaving your husband after 30 years of marriage when his networth was -0 then and over $100 million now–the devil is a liar (lol)! Oh that’s right she did remain! Hillary is driven and that’s a good thing. I appreciate that about her.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  6. Kesha Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Dr. Weems.

    It’s my second! My first one with a child walking about - last Mother’s Day I was pregnant.

    I’m an Obama supporter but the parliamentarian comment has me laughing out loud too. What I would give for a screen porch. Sigh..sometimes I miss the south. Enjoy Mother’s Day all mothers - and before anyone laments about not being a mother - remember we’re all mothers. It takes a village. And everday women give birth to ideas, ministries, art, etc. Wrote a poem about that once - gotta find that one.

    We’ve all given birth to something.

  7. Monica Says:

    Amen Renita. I personally admire Hillary Clinton for staying in. I think it shows a personal characteristic of hers that I like: willingness to see things through to the end. (I’m less pleased with what personal characteristics I think Obama has revealed, but that’s another point.) And thank you for reminding us that people in power (and I’d like to add) and women with talents and skills do not/ should not/ ought not walk away empty-handed. Now if all of us can remember that when/ if we decide to boldly and gracefully walk out of rooms, I think we’ll be the better for it.

  8. Sharon Says:

    I hope she’s not actually thinking of an exit strategy. Really. As a woman, I am so proud of how strong she is, how determined, how tenacious. I also appreciate how she is carrying the projections of an awful lot of disparate segments of the Democratic party, whose uniting slogan, up until now, seems to have been ‘the party of everyone else who isn’t a Rich and Prviledged White Republican Male’. Looks like there’s rather a bit more distance between black (all segments and classes), white liberal educated elite, and Joe Nascar when they each have a candidate who speaks to their demographic needs. Barack’s got half of them, Hillary’s got roughly the other half.

    I hope she stands her ground to force a shaking of this party down to its roots, to force it to see how its been co-opting and compromising instead pf unifying. I hope her candidacy opens people’s eyes to women’s strength and fortitude.

    You go girl!

    And to all the brilliant, thinking women on this blog - have a fabulously blessed Mother’s Day!

  9. Harlyn Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    I support HRC for all time. I am saddened however of how women act toward her. The venom, the hate is so intense. When I inquire about why so much heat - I am given no reasons.Even my mother who is 78 believes Hillary has courted the male vote by a vee-shaped blouse. Hillary is blamed for entering the race of president, now she is blamed for not leaving it. She is blamed for talking about white votes - no one talks about Obama when he says he carries the African American vote. Hillary continues to stake her claim and ground. Um, I am thinking we need a president who hangs tough and will not run away from pundits.

    By the way, this is the only blog where you can see positive discussions about Hillary.

  10. crt Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really, thank you Dr. Weems. I have been saying to friends as of late that I know I have now entered into a different place (no warm and fuzzy things exists there) with this whole thing. Every time I see and hear the…admonishment, challenge, harassment for Hillary to pull out it has been pressing a little harder on a nerve that has already been plucked. As a woman minister in the Baptist denomination who has begun the candidating process for the pastorate in a city that is not necessarily known for embracing women in power, whether in the pulpit or politics, I have definitely grown weary of the old boyz’ “little girl sit down and get in place, we got this” tactics. Once again, I admit that the saga has crossed into some tender places, but at this point I hope she continues to play the game.

    Oh…in terms of conditioner, I really enjoy Mizani’s moisturfuse and Neutrogena’s hair mask. :)

  11. crt Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

  12. Susan Says:

    I don’t think Hillary should drop out on some days - it’s a woman thing - and on some days, I think she should. That’s when “a black man might be president” hits me squarely between the eyes. Hillary has fought a good fight, and really,math notwithstanding, anything can happen, because there is a God. Actually, I’ve had the “it’s God’s election” all in me since this race began. How historical is this - a woman and a black man running for the highest office of the land? The old time racists and sexists must be trying to make their way out of their coffins to stop the treachery! I am loving it! As a woman, I understand how Hillary Clinton has to fight battles Barack Obama doesn’t have to even think about. Everything she does is under triple scrutiny.She can drink beer with the boys, and it’s a problem; Senator Obama can do it, and it’s cool. She’s tough, and I like that. Women all over the world should like that. But I still want the Senator to get the nod,because it feels like that’s what the Civil Rights movement was all about — to show the world that God is greater than the evil called racism. Someone said to me that the longer he runs, the less “black” he is; I don’t know about that. I know that power demands that people honor the status quo, because, face it, he’s in power if he gets elected but a lot of people worked to put him there and will be pulling strings to manipulate him. They’d do if it were Hillary that won (or who wins.) But even with my schizophrenic thinking - wishing they could BOTH win, at the end of the day, in spite of being really irritated with Senator Obama, he gets my vote.

  13. Georgia's Angels Says:

    Dr Weems,
    May you have a Happy and Blessed Mothers Day, and the same to all the sisters that visit this blog.
    I only have one thing to say about HRC, if my vote makes the difference she will be the president.

  14. Renita Says:

    Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, huh? I’ll give it another try. I actually have a bottle on the shelf right now.

    I really enjoy Mizani’s moisturfuse and Neutrogena’s hair mask
    Hmmmmmm….maybe I’ll give it a try.

    Welcome, Harlyn, to the blog.

    But I still want the Senator to get the nod,because it feels like that’s what the Civil Rights movement was all about — to show the world that God is greater than the evil called racism.

    And that other movement, the Women’s Movement, was about showing the world that God is greater than the evil called sexism. Hence, the other Senator’s run for the White House.

  15. wisdomteachesme Says:

    Even if you have not actually ‘birthed’ a child, i know you are mother to
    some bodies. :) God IS Good!

    I hear ya sister weems about hrc, i too hope that she stays in the race. it is important for women no matter what color her skin is. i also see the view through the path that obama is making–though i feel it is more about michelle than him…another writing :)

    if it helps, my partner uses burts bees lip gloss AND LOVES IT-No parabens-i use the burt bees lip balm-and we have taken to using neems lotion–just a touch–on our natural styled hair.

  16. T. Henderson Says:

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day Dr. Renita! And have some grilled fish for me! LOL!!

  17. Angela R. Says:

    Blessed Mother’s Day to you all. This year’s will be bitter sweet because my mother-in-law, Daisy Redman, went home to be with Lord on Wednesday. (I just had to give her that shout out!!!)

    And a Blessed and Spirit filled Pentecost to everyone. “Cause ain’t no party like a holy ghost party.” :)

    I’m an Obama supporter but I am so proud of HRC as a woman. She has run a good race and I want to see her to keep running until she gets to the finish line. She has demonstrated that she isn’t a quitter and know how to stay the course. Although there are all these people out there screaming for her to throw in the towel…the second she did so they would talk bad about her and say things like “see I knew she didn’t have what it takes…she doesn’t have a backbone.” Hang tough Hilary show them you ain’t no punk.

    As for the hair situation…I’ve been doing some reading on co-washing. This is the use of conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo. Also from my research I am finding more and more that we should be avoiding products with petroleum & mineral oil as the key ingredients.

    P.S. Dr. Weems thank you so much for this blog page. It has provided me with a special sisterhood I have been craving.

  18. Renita Says:

    Blessings to you as you grieve the loss of your MIL (mother-in-law). Mothers-in-law are often the butt of a lot of jokes about a lot in society.

    Thanks for the hair care suggestion. As a matter of fact, I only use natural (chemical-free) products on my hair. And yes, I’m a big fan of co-washing (washing with conditioner only) and using shampoo every now and then.

  19. Serica Says:

    Well… up until now, I’ve been a lurker on this blog (and all others I visit on the regular)! But I just had to break my silence today and say how great this dialogue is for my soul, spirit and intellect. I agree with Dr. Renita’s post on HRC (and trust me when I say this is the only arena in which I feel comfortable to say this, lest I be thrashed any place else I voice my support of her). Blessings to you all, and hopefully my lurking (at least on this blog!) has finally come to an end!

  20. Danielle Says:

    Welcome Serica! This is a GREAT and safe place to blog about what’s really on your mind and in your heart.

    Dr. Weems,
    You continue to inspire me to think a bit differently. I normally see things strictly in black and white, but I have begun to broaden my scope lately.

    As for the hair, Carol’s Daughter products are wonderful. I am am a fan of MAC’s “Oh Baby” lip gloss.

    I hope you all had an outstanding Mother’s Day. May is my month of celebrations: Mother’s Day, my birthday and my anniversary! I love it! I am not as bossy as Dr. Weems (smile), but May is the month that I take no shame in making my demeands known to all the people in my life! Be blessed….

  21. Renita Says:

    Welcome to the blog!

    By the way, most of you got the point that this particular blog piece was not just about Clinton, but about women and power.

    Those of you who didn’t get it, and have used this as yet another opportunity to complain about what you see as Clinton’s many offenses against humanity –thank you for your comments. I’ll be nice today and leave it at that.

  22. adomani Says:

    Go Hillary! What annoys me is the way we Black folks act about this race. Now the Clintons are the devils. What’s going to happen if the Republicans win? there will be a national epidemic of depression among black folks. I get it, it is exciting, but to act as if he is the Messiah? Please!

  23. Renita Says:

    Welcome to all who having heard from that other blog what I wrote here on my blog have come over to scold me for referring to comments I read over there as “harebrain.”

    It was not my intention to enter into a war with the moderator of the blog nor with her readers and can prove that I wasn’t trying to start a war by the fact that I refuse to post the comments many of you have left today taking me to task for what I’ve written.

    Here’s my response.

    Get real. This is blogosphere.

    In the world of blogosphere it is perfectly acceptable to blast other people’s opinions and to characterize them in whatever way you care to do so — especially on your own blog. And although I doubt the distinction matters to any of you who feel offended: I blasted the opinions not the opinion makers.

    As proof of what a really nice and sweet person I really am (LOL) and the respect that I have for both the blogger and her readers I did not mention the blog name here on this blog, neither did I link to it to direct my readers to see for themselves why I wrote what I wrote.

    After having stopped by the blog this morning and checked out today’s love fest for the photo of Obama and Edwards standing together, my mind hasn’t changed a bit about (some of) the political opinions expressed over there. But, hey, I’ve moved on to another topic.

    If it matters, I still enjoy the blog and love the work the blogger does there enlightening women of color on health and beauty tips.

    Again, welcome.

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