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It’s Open Thread Thursday.

Drop me a line about what’s on your mind.

For those of you who can’t get enough of all things Obama, what do you think of Obama’s last week European tour? his upcoming trip to the Caribbean? the Administrations’ relaxed policies towards Cuba? and all the hoopla around the new addition to the family, THE DOG!?

Somebody bring me up to speed on Jill Scott’s “No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.” Anybody on the blog  saw it? I didn’t. What did you think?

Calling All COGICs, ex-COGICs, and recovering COGICs: have you heard the news? The 2010 Holy Convocation is moving from Memphis to St. Louis. You heard me correctly.  Memphis has been the location of the Church of God In Christ Holy Convocation for, what, over 100 years.  Don’t look now, but Bishop Patterson is rolling over in his grave. So is C. H. Mason and Mattie Moss Clark. Why the move? Because the Lord said so. How did the Lord do that? Money, honey. Now that Elvis, I mean Bishop Patterson is dead, nothing’s keeping the Convocation in Memphis. The city of St. Louis offered COGICS a better deal. “Money answereth all things” says the writer of Ecclesiastes.

Like I said there in Dallas last week (where folks are still mad at me, I’m told): Despite uproar of the saints in the pews, looks like same sex marriage is going mainstream sooner than later, in my lifetime it seems. It’s inevitable. Get over it.  Iowa? Since when did Iowa beat out folks in the liberal coastal cities on a liberal agenda?

Conventional wisdom has it that religion is on the decline in America. No one knows that better than mainline churches and denominations like my own beloved African Methodist Episcopal church, the church that ordained me back in the 80s. Word has it that by the middle of this century my church, along with the AMEZs, the CMEs, and a few others, former cornerstones in black protestantism, will be  backwater sects like…like… I dare not say. The Amish, snakehandler Christians perhaps. Who would have thought? But don’t tell the AMEs. They’re not paying attention.  They’re content to keep shuffling the chairs around on the Titanic.

Heads up: I know I’m a week late (and a dollar short), but look next week for a blog post (hopefully on Monday) in response to Newsweek’s last week cover story “The End of Christian America.” If you haven’t read it, read it.

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  1. revvy rev Says:

    This is a very thought-provoking post. My comments became too lengthy so I decided to post instead. I enjoy your prophetic insights immensely. You are a great source of inspiration. God Bless!

  2. Vajaah Says:

    Like the Amish? Ouch.

  3. Sherry Taylor Says:

    Rev Weems, On the lighter side, Jill Scott’s No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is a pure delight. The story line is that of a much loved, independent, divorced woman in Botswana, Africa who opens up a detective agency. She has no experience and refers to a book that teaches you how to be a detective! She works with her “mother wit” to figure out her cases and does not make much money doing it. The actress that plays her secretary, Aniki Noni Rose, is hilarious! The two women are incredibly good actresses and make you want to tune in on Sunday evening to see what the new case will be. I recommend this program highly, so make some popcorn and have a seat!

  4. Shanara Fornett Says:

    I may be biased (I’m a Jill Scott fan). I adore that show. I got in late last night and it was on until midnight (I sacrificed my precious beauty sleep!) It is charming and funny. Jill and Anika do a great job. My grievance with HBO is: Are they really trying to give the show a chance with the late hours?

  5. RevMamaAfrika Says:

    Humm, I don’t know what is more embarassing, the fact that the first Black president of the U.S., Pres. Obama refuses to attend/send an official delegation to Geneva next week for the international conference on racism, known as Durban II or the fact that almost all of our Black “leadership” refuses to organize a massive national and international campaign to force the Obama Administration to do the right thing and attend. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS Y’ALL! :(

    If you read an article, “Avoiding World Conference on Racism Shows Obama’s Disrespect for Blacks” on by Glen Ford, not only has Pres. Obama refused to attend/send a delegation, he has also deliberately undermined the conference by demanding the removal of all language refering to reparations, removed the paragraph refering to the transatlantic slave trade as a crime against humanity, among other important points, but as also given a conference call update to the zionists, assuring them the U.S. will not attend and thus of course, avoid any discussion of zionism as racism/Gaza/Palestine, as happened at Durban I in 2001. Gee, did Black America get a telephone call update? Why haven’t our Black “leaders” organized a public protest against this the way we would have has a White Male Republican been president? Why haven’t our Black “leaders”, male and female, organized with our Latino, Asian/South Asian, Native American sisters and brothers, to force the issue? And why haven’t our Black “leaders” said publicly that they will attend, whether or not the U.S. attends?

  6. Monique Says:

    The jury is still out for me on Jill Scott’s show. It feels a bit elementary to me, but I do find myself delighted seeing these two black women running this business on telvesion, both so beautifully different and appreciative of one another.

    As for the Obama’s in Europe . . . I’ve grown so weary of the media obsessing about what Michelle wears instead of what she says. Black women have been looking fabulous for year coming in and out of the house everyday. My mother wore pumps everyday of my childhood to teach children (and she didn’t believe that good teachers sat). She was a badmammajamma and there are millions more out there. Michelle Obama is and was an activist before marrying her husband. So what she can rock a cardigan 4million different ways, more importantly she can communicate independent thoughts and opinions. She visited what we call the “projects” over there . . . where’s the story on that?

  7. km Says:

    I, too adore Jill Scott’s new show. I think that HBO is trying to give the show as much airtime as possible to promote it. It airs at different times througout the evening on Sundays. The new episode actually airs at 8pm central time on Sunday evening. My husband, the skeptic, watches the show with me. Kudos to Jill and Anika for a job very well done. Rev. Renita, please be sure to let us know what you think when you finally get an opportunity to watch it.

    Love your blog.


  8. Candace Says:

    OK, so I guess I’ll be the COGIC voice. Sad to say, I’m still within a denomination that believe it’s more important to save the dollar bill than to give women the right to vote/be ordained. Instead, 18yr old (sometime 16yr old) young men are licensed and have a greater voice than the woman who has blackened her knees from praying the church through. I understand Bishop Blake is trying to deal with the business side of COGIC. His local church has double the budget of the current national Church.
    So, I agree with you Dr. Weems. Money has proven to be the answer for all things.

  9. Andrea L. Williams Says:

    My ears perked up when I saw the AME church mentioned. I’m a CME and want to knnow what ever happened to the idea of the AME and CME denomination combining forces or wohat that cause a problem on Titanic if only with a limited amount of deck chairs.

  10. Nina Says:

    About “The End Of Christian America”, I read it.

    A man that I still respect and love said a few years back “God is not a christian”. And, for what it’s worth, I agree.

    Another man, said a few years back on a televised service from his own megachurch “The church today is a machine so well oiled that it doesn’t even need God anymore to keep going…” And again, I agree…

    Imho, could it be a matter of spirituality vs. religion? If, indeed, the end of christian America is looming, would she then be more spiritual?
    And if she was, would she then be closer to God?
    For every ending, there is a new beginning.

  11. talentedtenth Says:

    concerning the COGIC move…to my understanding, there was a mutual “displeasure” on both sides. COGIC felt they were being treated unfairly in terms of hotel rates and other convocation related expenses. and memphis is more than displeased with how the “saints” acted towards those in the city who were serving them. oh well…it should be quite interesting (and i’m not even COGIC).

    my other comment is to remind everyone that today is the national day of silence. on my mind today will be the recent death of young carl joseph hoover-walker. today would have been his 12th birthday. such a horrible tragedy…reminds all of us just how badly words can hurt someone else.

  12. Renita Says:

    The reason your comment doesn’t show up is because the blog doesn’t allow anonymous comments. Give yourself a name, any name will do, and post again. I was raised to believe that if you’re gonna weigh in on the discussion, you oughta clear your throat and give your “name.”

  13. Monique Says:


    Yes . . . rest in peace Joseph Hoover-Walker.

  14. RevMamaAfrika Says:

    Yes, I too just read about youngCarl Joseph Hoover-Walker; so sad!

    I am 52 years old and I was teased mercilessly by some of my classmates when I was 11, 12 years old. My crime? I did my homework, got good grades, went to church, did not curse or “date” boys, didn’t smoke or get high, didn’t wear mini-skirts to school, etc. You mean to tell me 40 some years later nothing has changed in this regard? And this happened at a charter school run by the National Urban League?


  15. Rev. Kima Says:

    I was so excited to hear that there would be a show starring two black women who weren’t the stereotypical “whatevers” that I had to watch No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I heard Monique’s comment about it being a bit elementary and that was a fleeting thought after I watched the pilot. But I was watching the Black List Volume 2 (HBO) and heard Kara Walker talking about how when you’re a “black” artist and paint something that isn’t necessarily prophetic or speaks specifically to the black experience (like a vase of flowers)that people look at you and question the validity of the work. Hmmmm…The series isn’t real “deep”. But it’s a good story line; they both have great comedic timing and it’s two of US! Did I neglect to say it’s two SISTERS! Two women of color…unapologetically black…in Botswana…in 2009…

  16. Ruby Sales Says:


    I think I am Ms. Anonymous if its about the church. After several attempts I gave up… not realizing that I forgot to give my name. Now I can’t find the post. I tried another time and forgot my name.

    Ruby Sales

  17. Minister Monique Says:

    I received my license to preach from the AME church a few weeks. I wanted the seasoned women ministers to encourage me, to help me a womanist, a Afro-centric reverend to be, ‘what can you teach me that will help me?’ make sure you were a dress or skirt when you go to AME institute. how is that going to help me? this is 2009 is the AME church still sexist. Rev Dr Vashti Murphy Mackenzie was ordained a Bishop in 2000 and the people in institute think i am a sinner if i go to institute in pants. is institute gonna help me become a better minister or just deal with AME politics? thats all i got…

  18. socgrad Says:

    Each time I try to critique President Obama’s shady behavior about the International Conference on Racism, people tell me that he can’t go and it’s unreasonable for me to expect him to show any support of the conference. There’s a difference between walking a political tightrope and being just plain hostile to folks efforts for liberation. Thank you, RevMamaAfrika for this new information. I’m gonna read that article.

  19. Renita Says:

    So sorry. So sorry. So sorry. I didn’t recognize that it was you. Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble posting a comment. Don’t know what that can be about. Keep trying because you always leave comments that leave readers screaming and thinking.

  20. tammi Says:

    @ Minister Monique-Question is it really that deep! So yes our seasoned women have broken the glass ceiling but keep in mind the glass has been broken and some pieces are still on the floor. And yes you may have to wear skirts for 5 years but knowing that doesn’t define who you are as a minister. Trust me I understand I love my jeans and tee-shirts but sometimes in being in the games means playing by the rules. Everyone starts somewhere. The question will be is this small task of wearing a skirt going to define your ministry or propel you to get to a place where your ministry makes a difference.

  21. RevMamaAfrika Says:

    @ Sis. Socgrad, please go to the website, Please go to the link for the text of the draft document, print it out and read it, share with others, share with middle school, high school students, etc.

    Can anyone tell me why the U.S. should not be at that conference? :( :(

  22. Minister Monique Says:

    tammi, thanks for the words. i am more than a skirt. a new revolution has begun.

  23. Yvette Says:

    Peace and blessings, Everyone!

    1. Love that “#1 Ladies Detective Agency”! It’s funny and a show that my family can actually agree to all watch. I love seeing a functioning African nation w/folk doing normal things — like making a living, taking care of families, laughing, being friends, cheating, being catty ….

    2. Sorry to hear that re: COGIC. I was always so proud of that church for using its own facilities and enriching its own coffers.

    3. You’ve got to be kidding: AMEZ requires women to wear dresses to its institute? I thought Pentecostals were the only ones still hung up women wearing pants.

    4. The U.S. is not at the racism conference because being there would cause big political problems with the very powerful U.S.-Israeli contingent, and if you want to get anything done in the U.S. you’d better not get on the wrong side of the U.S.-Israeli contingent. I’m sorry, RevMamaAfrika, but not going just means Obama’s got the sense he was born with. If he went, he’d never be able to get another thing done — and we’ve got a lot more that needs doing that’s important than making a point at a meeting. As the old folks used to say, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?” meaning, somethings you’ve got to let things slide no matter how right they are in order to accomplish a more important goal.

    5. Re: Christianity in America, I go to a Pentecostal church and work for the United Methodist Church and both places are embroiled in the same conversations re: membership and future growth.

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